I am a Research Associate, or Postdoctoral Researcher, at Jodrell Bank. My research focuses on Galactic foreground emission. I am a member of the Planck and C-BASS collaborations.


I was involved with the construction and commissioning of the second-generation One Centimetre Receiver Array (OCRA) receiver. This is an 8 beam receiver (to be upgraded to 16 beams later) that works at a frequency of 30 GHz (1cm wavelength). It was partially constructed prior to the start of my PhD; I’ve been actively involved with completing the receiver (I’ve lent a hand with screwing it all together, and the majority of the testing of it), and it’s now installed on the Torun telescope and in the process of being commissioned.


I’m using the first-generation OCRA receiver – the OCRA prototype – to carry out some observations of point sources at microwave frequencies, and have written my own program (pretty much from scratch) to process the observational data. See e.g. “30 GHz observations of sources in the VSA fields“.


I have been creating virtual cosmological skies consisting of the Cosmic Microwave Background, galaxy clusters and point sources (active galactic nuclei and dusty galaxies that are too small to cover even a pixel on my maps). These will be used for testing observational strategies using a virtual telescope and receiver, as well as for exploring the various properties of the maps with different input physics. I’m also doing simulations of the atmosphere at microwave frequencies. See “Statistics of the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect power spectrum on arXiv.


I’m also interested in the history of Jodrell Bank. See Jodrell Bank stories.